Alleppey Boat House

Its Simple and it is beautiful. It’s the True art of Nature . House boats are built by Wood, bamboo , Coir combined by the craftsmanship and technology of the expert local people. .. Earlier Days these large boats were used for transfer of goods. The Oarsmen travel several days to reach the next destination Hence they stay in the boat enroute cooking the food in the boat and they sing song to get relaxed… These Large vessels are safe and carefully managed…. 

Structure of a Houseboat : The hull of the boat is made of long wooden planks. They are tied using coir made of natural coconut fibre and then stuffed in between. Traditionally these houseboats are steered by two men. In modern times almost all boats are motorised as well. Long bamboo poles are also made use of to get momentum. 

Furnishing : The interior furniture in hoseboats of Kerala are either of natural cane or wood, floor is clad with coir mat matching each other and highlighting the traditional architecture of Kerala.. 

Roofing : In most of the Kerala Houseboats, bamboo and coconut tree products are used for making the frame of the roof . Also leaves of coconut tree is used to tatch the boats along with weaved bamboo

Basics about house boats
Rooms are perfectly fit to accommodate any demands, comfortably.
Check in time
Day cruise: 11am to 5.30pm
Night cruise: 11am to 10 am
House boats are accompanied by skilled crew and cook.
Day cruise starts with lunch ends with tea and snacks.
Night cruise starts with lunch ends with breakfast.
Vessels are stationary from 6pm to till next morning 8am in the middle of the Vembanad Lake.
(check in and check out times can be vary accordingly) (Air conditioner is operate when house boat is stationary)